Nicole Richie Beyoncé Dakota Fanning Eyeliner Cat Eyes

Nicole Richie, Beyoncé, and Dakota Fanning make their peepers pop in cat eyeliner. Photo: | Getty Images

From Christian Dior to Marc Jacobs, eyeliner ran rampant on the Spring 2010 runways.

Applied flirtily, with a coy uptick at the ends, and worn with glowing skin and sorbet-tone lips, eyeliner is an easy way to update your Spring makeup routine.

In the past few weeks, a few celebrities have pulled off the look fabulously: Nicole Richie made her hazel eyes pop at the Academy Awards with heather gray eyeshadow with bold eyeliner. Beyoncé made a fierce statement with kohl-rimmed eyes and tomato red lipstick at an event in New York City. And Dakota Fanning owned the cat eye look by pairing it with rosy cheeks, lush lashes, and pink lips at a party for The Runaways.

Inspired by their fresh take on eyeliner? Then get the look yourself -- it's easy if you know what you're doing. The trick is choosing the right products and application methods for your eye shape. We caught up with makeup artist Carmindy from TLC's "What Not to Wear for her simple tips to making small, large, and Asian eyes stand out with eyeliner. And if you're afraid of wielding the sometimes tricky liner pencil, not to worry, watch the large eyes video for Carmindy's best tip ever for cleaning up mistakes.

Watch the video for your eye shape, and start lining!

EYELINER FOR SMALLER EYES: Create the illusion of larger eyes by drawing eyeliner on just half the lid.

EYELINER FOR LARGER EYES: Perfect a natural lined look on large eyes by lining from the inside corners and lightly sweeping the pencil throughout.

EYELINER FOR ASIAN EYES: Bring out the shape and color in Asian eyes with liquid eyeliner.