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Suri Cruise carrying the $322 "Mezzo Sofia" gold bow purse by Susan Farber. Photo:

Suri Cruise strikes again!

According to a new survey from British department store Debenhams, UK parents spend more than £700 (about $1,040) per year outfitting their children, the Daily Mail reports.

The poll -- which surveyed 1,500 British parents -- found that families spent an average of £357 (or $531) per kid per season, while little girls racked up a £427 (or $636) shopping spree per season, according to the paper.

And, yes, it's all little Suri's fault.

"Brits are famed for a competitive neighborly streak," Kate Liszka, head of childrenswear at Debenhams, told the paper. "Now it seems that where our kids are concerned, we're keeping up with the Cruises!

"The amount of money some parents are willing to spend on kitting out their kids in the latest catwalk fashions would pay for a family holiday."

Or, you know, a new pair of Louboutins for us singletons.

Speaking of Suri, the $800-Ferragamo-handbag-toting toddler was reportedly named the most stylish celebrity child in the poll, with a whopping 50 percent of the vote.

Hot on her tail? Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Violet Affleck, Harlow Madden, Kingston Rossdale, Sunday-Rose Urban and those fabulous Beckham boys.

The poll also reportedly found that parents bought an average of seven dresses and five pairs of shoes per season for girls, and 10 shirts and five pairs of jeans for boys.

Additionally, more than half of parents said fashion was as important as functionality when buying clothes for their daughters, the Daily Mail reports.

And 57 percent reportedly wouldn't dress their tykes in hand-me-downs unless absolutely necessary, 63 percent bought clothes even if it wasn't a special occasion and 45 percent hit the shops for childrenswear at least once every two weeks.

Sheesh -- we're starting to feel a lot better about last weekend's shopping spree.

Enjoy it while you can, kiddos! That grown-up credit card bill can be a bitter pill.

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