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Models, decked out in Moises de la Renta's new line of T-Shirts for Mango, bookend the designer. Photo courtesy of Mango

When Jacquetta Wheeler walked the finale of Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2005 show wearing a poufy dancing skirt and a rock 'n' roll T-shirt, people were slightly taken aback, but later warmed to the uptown-meets-downtown edginess.

It turns out this was not the work of Oscar de la Renta, but that of his son, Moises, who was just starting out as a designer. Debuting on a runway in front of every important editor in the world is some break, and he's never looked back.

Moises has his own ready-to-wear collection, has dressed Michelle Obama -- even his father hasn't done that -- and is now on the world stage with a capsule collection of T-shirts, Moises de la Ranta for Mango, in collaboration with the Spanish retailer.

The limited edition T-shirts are embellished with jewels, tulle, stones and cool, iconic images which make them stand-alone works of art. "I grew up painting," de la Renta tells StyleList.

"I chose to work in fashion because I thought it was the best career path to do the most arts and crafts." Hence his love of mixed media pieces. "For me, it was about having the opportunity as a director to build a world -- it's not just the clothes, it's a lifestyle," de la Renta adds.

As for dressing the First Lady, "It's a huge honor," he tells us. "Ikram [store owner and Mrs. O style adviser] approached me and said she'd like to have a few things made for the First Lady. Michelle Obama wore my dresses in Moscow and for [a picture taken in] the Oval Office." As a result, Ikram now carries his collection at her Chicago boutique.

Moises de la Renta for Mango
T-shirts are already available in Europe and will hit stores in the U.S. the second week of April for $49.90 - $69.90 a pop.

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