Luster Whitening's new White 7 toothpaste with aromatherapy comes in both regular and sensitive formulas. Courtesy photo.

Since you're brushing your teeth every day anyway, why not make it a holistic healing experience?

That was the rationale that lead Luster Whitening to create their new White 7 Toothpaste, which contains 7 whitening ingredients and a blend of 45 essential oils, formulated to provide overall dental health with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits, as well as kill bad breath-causing bacteria.

At a recent launch event in New York City, aromatherapy expert Dr. Daniel Pénoël was on hand to talk about the benefits of holistic medicine, as integrated into daily products like the White 7 Toothpaste. The effusively passionate French doctor was wearing a vest filled with little vials of aromatherapeutic oils, reminiscent of a military jacket loaded with rows of bullet ammunition.

"Americans think of aromatherapy as a fragrance that you use for beauty purposes. But it's medicinal," said Dr. Pénoël. "Oral health is systemic health - and by healing the mouth and caring for it with essential oils, you create a better sense of overall wellness," Dr. Pénoël added.

Priced at a surprisingly affordable $6.99 in a market where whitening toothpastes often reach double digit numbers, you can buy the new toothpaste at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens nation-wide.

The whitening addicts that we are, we couldn't wait to give this toothpaste a whirl - but were most surprised at the scent and taste of the product. Unlike the super minty flavor of most American toothpastes, this formula had a more gentle mint taste, combined with a citrus-like combination of essential oils that settled softly in our mouth. Whereas swallowing even a trace amount of regular toothpaste feels toxic and corrosive, this toothpaste had a very holistic taste and feel about it.

"It's not just oral care, it's moral care," Dr. Pénoël said of the toothpaste's plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly production process.

We couldn't agree more.