Arbonne RE9 Advanced skin and body collection. Photo courtesy of Arbonne

The world of direct selling is stepping up its game.

Earlier this week we told you about Votre Vu and its vision to offer luxury French skincare at affordable prices. Now, Swiss skincare company Arbonne International has revamped their anti-aging line RE9 Advanced, and launched a new cosmetics range featuring light-diffusing technology.

RE9 Advanced combines nine (hence the name) anti-aging ingredients and botanicals to deliver, Arbonne claims, visible results within 24 hours.

Sr. Vice President of Product Development Peter Matravers says of the line, "I've never seen such high performance in such a short time. We've made discoveries that plants can signal our skin to regenerate.'

Sure, he's biased, but Matravers does bring up an interesting point: One of RE9's key ingredients is stabilized vitamin C. Over the past fifteen years, the vitamin has become a common skincare ingredient for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but, Matravers points out, not all "C" is created equal. If the form of vitamin C used is not stable, it will not remain potent enough to benefit the skin.

RE9 uses brown algae extract to enhance the activity of the vitamin C and give quick, impactful results. "It wakes up fibroblasts and stimulates the production of collagen," says Matravers.

Following with Arbonne's internal/external approach (the brand also carries a selection of beauty and heath supplements), RE9 Advanced includes the Collagen Support Daily Supplement with antioxidants and other "skin supporting nutrients" touted to speed up results.

Arbonne also just launched a 22-piece line of cosmetics featuring Optilight Technology to diffuse light for a soft-focus effect.

Included in the collection is the Lash Enhancer, which they claim results in an average 20-30% lash increase. And as we know, women love their long, sexy lashes.

Now, if Arbonne could deliver those in 24 hours, ding-ding-ding, we'd have a winner.