Lady Gaga and Kate Gosselin share a birthday. Photos: Arlene Richie | Aaron Montgomery, both

Astrology is a popular topic here at the StyleList office, so when I found out that Lady Gaga and Kate Gosselin have the same birthday (Sunday March 28), I was immediately confused.

I so want to believe in signs and traits and moons and stars and all of that wonderful stuff. But how can someone who wears Kermit the Frog be the same sign as a woman who sings to her eight kids about Kermit the Frog? How can someone who has crazy, off the wall hair be the same sign as a woman who... well, maybe there are some similarities after all.

"The one obvious thing these women share is a birthday, March 28," says Saundra Sorenson, Astrology Writer at "That makes them both the warrior sign, Aries."

"Warrior" might be a fitting word for these women. After all, Gaga endures a lot of smack talk in the press and from the public, and yet she pursues her dreams no matter what people say. And Kate gave birth to eight children in the same day so -- if that doesn't make someone a warrior, I don't know what does.

I asked Sorenson whether Lady Gaga's infamous style was somehow typical of an Aries. She thinks Gaga is clearly motivated by Aries' element -- fire. "Lady Gaga is unpredictable about her fashion choices. She allows her fiery creative impulses to decide her next move," Sorensen says.

But can the same be said for Kate Gosselin? "Kate Gosselin has a firey side of her own. She responded quickly and drastically to public criticism about her hair, opting to completely revamp her look with hair extensions (and then doing a 180 and allegedly claiming she hated them)," says Sorenson.

So, who do you think is the most typical Aries -- a fire sign and warrior? Leave a comment and let us know.