anthonty williams project runway dress

Anthony Wiliams' runway look. Photo: Lifetime

It's a moment every fashion designer dreams of -- or so we're told by Heidi Klum.

The remaining season 7 "Project Runway" designers are given a chance to make their own fabric patterns when designer Vivienne Tam presents them with nifty HP All-in-One desktop PCs to help them work their magic.

Yes, it's the shameless product placement we've come to expect this season, but at least it actually has something to do with fashion design.

The Challenge: The contestants must use their computers to create their own textile and a garment that represents their design aesthetic.

The Workroom Drama: We are in stitches as our favorite designer, Anthony Williams, riffs about how Beyonce is responsible for all his problems (it's complicated), and how if he's ever going to do "The Oprah Winfrey Show," he wants to be on when it's "Oprah's-Going-to-Give-Me-a-Car day, not My-Husband-Is-Addicted-to-Porn day."

Emilo Sosa is making a narcissistic print that bears his name and little hearts. No one, especially mentor Tim Gunn, gets it. Sosa doesn't care one bit, because he's the kind of guy who's so confident that he's already thinking about branding. We can imagine the prints on a future E. Sosa for Payless collection.

Mila Hermanvoski is "painting" a salute-to-crayons fabric on her computer screen. Her bold primary-color stripes are just another chance for Williams to deliver this zinger: "I don't want to wear Legos; I want to play with them."

The truth is, Williams may be worried because Gunn suggests that his simple cocktail dress and original black and purple fabric is dull. "Lord, I am going to pray for this jacket," Williams says, as he fashions a "shrug" to give his look some visual interest.

The Runway Show: The designers show their true colors during the show: Some are restrained, some go all out, and some, like Williams, stick with tried-and-true looks. And there's a mishap. Hermanovski's model, Brandeis, has to pick up her dragging Legos maxi dress and hobble down the runway. Hermanovski looks steamed, and Brandeis looks petrified.

The moment is not quite as dramatic as the recent double tumble a contestant took on "America's Next Top Model," but we know one thing for sure: Brandeis is so going to hear it from designer Michael Kors when "Models of the Runway" comes on in a few minutes!

The Guest Judge: An elegant Vivienne Tam is back to finish what she started.

Best Line by a Judge: Okay, it may not be the best line, but it is the best judging moment. Kors tells contestant Jonathan Peters that his pale, original fabric "looks like a dirty tablecloth," and Peters takes real offense. He calls Kors out for being meaner than usual. Since Peters is destined for the bottom two for the second time in two weeks, his willingness to spar with Kors is brave.

Who's In: Sosa's fabricated "branding" moment results in his third win. The judges call his dress and textile "polished, spirited, and cool." Contestants Seth Aaron Henderson and Maya Luz are in the top two. Sosa reacts as if he just scored a winning touchdown, saying, "This shows everyone I'm a force to be reckoned with." We agree!

Who's Out: Sadly, Alabama native Williams, who had us at hello with his tale of growing up poor and gay in the ghetto, must say goodbye. Ever since the judges picked his turquoise-blue cocktail dress for Klum to wear on the April cover of Marie Claire, he's been our favorite for the finals.

And the thunderous applause he received for his colorful "PR" finale collection during New York Fashion Week proved he's got a fan following. Still, we reluctantly agree with the judges' assessment that Williams had fallen into a rut of creating the same dress and then decorating it.

"We feel like we've seen it before," Klum told Williams. We don't think we were imagining that she seemed truly sad to see him go.

Not surprisingly, a gracious Williams delivers the best parting line of the season, "Life has taught us you don't have to have the crown to be the queen.... I still think greatness awaits."

Long live the queen!

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