lilly pulitzer garnet hill printed shower curtain turquoise yellow model pink bikini

Lilly Pulitzer teams up with Garnet Hill to bring its signature prints to home decor. Photo courtesy of Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill's summer catalog, out this week, introduces an eye-popping new bed and bath line by Lilly Pulitzer.

The exclusive partnership kicks off with bedding, towels, shower curtains, a hooked rug and even a hibiscus pink pair of PJs. Nearly every Lilly Pulitzer Home item hums with vivid colors and elaborate patterns.

How did the Palm Beach Pulitzer and the Yankee Garnet Hill come together? The two companies share a love of color and decorative design -- as well as customer profiles.

Janie Schoenborn, Lilly Pulitzer's fashion director, told StyleList that she's always been a big fan of Garnet Hill.

"[It] understands colors and prints. Ours are a bit brighter! But when we thought about our customer, Garnet Hill was a natural fit... Our customer gets that catalog and loves it, so it seemed like a perfect evolution."

Lilly Pulitzer's children's clothing line proved to be a good litmus test, as it has sold successfully through the Garnet Hill catalog. When Lilly Pulitzer's previous home design licensing deal ended a few years ago, the company looked to a catalog and online retailer.

The signature Lilly Pulitzer palette blazes through the line: turquoise, lime green, fuschia and lemon yellow.

Designers from both companies worked together on the new items, drawing inspiration from the Lilly Pulitzer clothing archives and the founder's story. For instance, a lemon print once seen on capri pants, nodding to Pulitzer's original juice stand, now splashes across a comforter.

Wendy Thayer, public relations manager for Garnet Hill, explained to StyleList how the designers used clothing details as a springboard to a cohesive look.

"Our expertise is in the textiles. For instance, for the Foxgloves shower curtain we used a textured cotton piqué that you find in apparel. The Sweet Pea quilt has a real bow you can tie, which is characteristic of the Lilly Pulitzer collection. The piping detail, that's very Lilly."

The Treasure Chest bedding goes a step further. A medallion motif was blown up to a striking, oversized design and the pillow shams were done in silk rather than the usual cotton.

lilly pulitzer home garnet hill teal and white print comforter kid jumping

The new Lilly Pulitzer Home collection for Garnet Hill will have you jumping for joy. Photo courtesy of Garnet Hill

Lilly Pulitzer Home will appear throughout the year, with a fall collection launching on August 4. Whether it will include something in black and white remains to be seen.