Diane von Furstenberg sunglasses aviators teal oversized black wrap rhinestone lips

Diane von Furstenberg Aviators (DVF801S), $175; Square teal (DVF510S), $125; Crystal lips (DVF518S), $250, available at DVF.com. Photos courtesy of Marchon

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg unveiled her new signature eyewear at The Vision Expo in New York City, where the latest trends in sunglasses and optical wear were shown to the trade.

Von Furstenberg, who has been busy with fashion and philanthropic projects, gave StyleList a tour of her eyewear booth at New York City's Jacob Javits Center.

Although the iconic designer has attached her name to glasses before, it has been years since she's had signature lenses on the market. Von Furstenberg told us her new collaboration with eyewear giant Marchon has been a "labor of love."

Trademark DVF details -- iconic lips, power stones, love knots, and even the prints of her famed wrap dresses -- are beautifully translated in a variety of materials into more than 20 different styles of sunglasses and more than a dozen looks created for prescription optics.

Wearing one of her print dresses, von Furstenburg popped on a smart pair of gold-toned aviators from her new collection -- noteworthy for the orange accent at the brow -- and urged us not to be so afraid of making a spectacle of ourselves when sporting four stylish eyes.

StyleLIst: There are some vivid frames in this collection: teals, oranges, yellow. You've even got prints inside the arms of your frames. These are not timid glasses.
Diane von Furstenberg: Glasses are a wonderful accessory. They should make a statement. I think they can make your whole look brighter, more interesting.

SL: Which glasses will we see on you?
DVF: I'm always a big fan of wrap glasses! [Picks up a tortoise-shell pair accented by love knots and pops them on.] But I also think these aviators are great. In the city, on a day like today, I would wear them, of course, but I wear them all year round in the city. Strangely, the only time I don't wear my glasses is when I'm hiking. I suppose I should, but I take them off because I like to really take in what's around me.

SL: Were any of these looks inspired by what you showed us on the runway in February?
DVF: Everything I do is related. My goal is always for women to look beautiful; it is true in everything I do. That inspiration was definitely there.

SL: So many women are afraid glasses will detract from their beauty and wear contacts instead.
DVF: I think of them as something that can enhance your beauty. To me, they are like makeup -- they are an accent. They can bring color and light to your face and make you more beautiful. Try some on [she motions to her eye area]. They will add something to your look, not detract from it. Don't be afraid of a strong look.

Von Furstenberg's collection, which retails for between $125 and $250, is available through better optical boutiques and . For more information on styles and retailers, visit marchon.com.

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