Francois Nars poses with a Koala bear in Australia. Courtesy Photo

It's no secret that Francois Nars is an animal lover.

When he's not backstage creating the much talked-about looks at fashion shows like Marc Jacobs, Nars is rarely without his bull dog, Marcel. In fact, the makeup maestro even brought his furry friend to the star-studded launch of his photography book 15x15, where Daphne Guiness wore the teetering Armidillo heels straight off Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 runway. (Luckily, she steered clear of little Marcel).

So we were charmed to see photo of Nars' on a recent trip to Australia, posing with a koala bear. As a child, his favorite stuffed animal was a koala bear, so he topped off his stay with a visit with the real thing -- seen above, chomping on eucalyptus.

We're predicting the company's next blockbuster eye shadow shade will be a plush, velvety gray...called Joey.