Kylie Minogue sheet Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010 campaign

Breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue strikes a pose for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Photo courtesy of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

So much for pink ribbons.

Singer and breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue, pregnant supermodel Claudia Schiffer, and actress Sienna Miller have joined forces and dropped trou to give cancer awareness a dose of sex appeal in the stylish new Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010 campaign.

Shot by famed photographer Mario Testino, the sultry black-and-white images feature the three blonde beauties naked underneath silk bull's-eye-print sheets.

Their come-hither looks and bed-head 'dos are for a good cause: The FTBC campaign promotes the UK charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer's special collection of trendy black-and-white fashions from British retailers including Topshop.

Purchase any item and 30 percent of the sale will go toward helping raise breast cancer awareness.

"This is feel-good fashion at its best," the charity says in a statement.

Indeed. In fact, we're already inspired -- to do some good, and to, um, stop hitting the sheets in sweatpants and hair rollers.

sienna miller claudia schiffer sheet Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010 campaign

Sienna Miller and a pregnant Claudia Schiffer slip between the sheets. Photos courtesy of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

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