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Gadgets, gizmos, and treatments that offer the experience of the dermatologist's office at home have been rapidly growing in the floundering economy, and the technology they offer are more impressive and effective than ever.

While some women look to these new products to stave off pricey visits to the dermatologist and spa, others use the technology to maintain maximum skincare results between professional treatments.

"I love the microdermabrasion sets you can do at home now. If I use them regularly, I feel like I see similar results to when I used to buy the expensive treatment at the spa. I'll still save to get sunspots lasered at the dermatologist every couple of years, but I've definitely become a junkie for the at-home skincare stuff," says 33 year-old New Jersey resident Cheryl Waters.

Yet it's important to remember that at-home products won't meet the same level of results as professional and dermatologic treatments.

"For these kinds of products to be on the mass market, their strength has to be weakened from what you would get in the doctor's office," says New York Dermatologist Dr. Sapna Westley. "But that doesn't mean you can't overdo it. People have to be careful of overusing devices because you can cause irritation and do more harm than good," adds Dr. Westley.

Signs to look for that indicate you're overdoing it: red, raw or flaking skin that becomes overly sensitive and feels burned. To prevent reaching that point, always start treatments slowly, and gradually build up to more potent strengths as you go.

In the gallery below, we rounded up a group of dermatologist-suggested gadgets you can use at home to get the best skincare results available on the market today. Most of the line up isn't exactly cheap -- but compared to their professional equivalent, they're bargain buys. You'll get the best return on your investment by carefully following the instructions for use, and being diligent about how often you should use them.