Cosmedix's Define Vitamin A Resurfacing Treatment. Photo:

Is your face constantly red, peeling and irritated in the pursuit of fewer wrinkles and age spots?

Ours is, because we've been trained to believe that unless a product does all those unpleasant things, it must be working.

No pain, no gain, right?

Well, CosMedix, a top brand for many dermatologists, says "wrong."

Doctors and estheticians favor Cosmedix for what's in it -- effective yet non-irritating ingredients like L-lactic acid, physical sunscreens, and zeolite, a volcanic ash extract that traps and removes dirt and oil -- and for what's not in it: Allegedly harmful ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, dimethicone and petroleum.

At a recent editor event in New York City, we were impressed by CosMedix's retinol products -- Define, Refine and Refine Plus.

Sure, there are loads of anti-agers on the market that boast powerful doses of retinol (a vitamin A derivative proven to stimulate cell turnover and collagen production), but many leave your skin irritated and uncomfortable, which means you'll probably stop using them fairly quickly.

CosMedix came up with a new way to deliver retinol to your skin that alleviates the irritation factor.

They've developed an ingredient called AGP Complex (which contains gentle L-lactic, L-malic acid and L-tartaric acids, plus aloe vera extract and alpha bisabolol, an anti-inflammatory calming agent) that helps sidestep skin irritation by neutralizing retinol's effects on the outermost layers of skin while still encouraging retinol-driven cell renewal and collagen production deeper in the skin -- where it counts the most.

Sounds like a recipe for no pain (redness, tightness, swelling), all gain, i.e. diminished fine lines, more even skin tone and texture.

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