1950s man grooming brushing hair

Does your man prefer a brush to a beer? Photo: SSPL/Getty Images

Put down the pint and put on the pantyhose, mate.

We kid, we kid. But there is something secretly thrilling about Gillette's latest study, in which nearly half of British men admit they'd skip a night in the pub to afford their beauty products, the Daily Express reports.

If only Amy Winehouse felt the same way!

The survey also found that a quarter of lads spend as much on personal-grooming goodies as their ladies, with beauty items last on the list of things men will skimp on to cut costs, according to the paper.

"The findings are further proof that British blokes have moved on from the old lager-lout stereotype," Mike Shallcross, deputy editor of the UK edition of Men's Health magazine, told the source.

British men also reportedly spend about £920 million (nearly $1.4 billion) per year on personal-grooming products.

Good. Now maybe they can stop nicking our makeup!

Meanwhile, a recent Superdrug survey says that men spend more time pampering than we do.