Hey Dude skin care features male-friendly packaging and organic ingredients. Courtesy photo.

If your man has been secretly stealing shots of your moisturizer, it's time to let him in on some men's skincare news.

Hey Dude is a brand that takes all the girliness out of grooming products, and replaces it with industrial-looking metallic packaging and ingredients formulated especially for the thicker and oilier skin that men often have. The line - which can be purchased online - is currently rolling out at the FitSpa at New York's Upper East Side Equinox, with hopes to branch out further across the country.

"It's becoming more socially acceptable for men to take care of themselves, and men are recognizing that skincare products are central to personal grooming," says Nick Berner, part of the brother-sister co-founding team and Vice President of Marketing & Sales.

With tongue-in-cheek names like Young Dude 4 Ever and Pale Face Sunblock, the line takes a light-hearted view of grooming, though the ingredients are anything but fluff.

The 4 Your Eyes Only eye cream contains the difficult-to-find Vitamin K, which heals dark undereye circles, while the Nary Hairy lotion blends Lauryl Isoquinolinium Bromide, which slows and decreases hair growth and is a great product for the man who gets his five o'clock shadow at 3pm.

"The Stone Age of soap and water cleansing for men is over," says Berner.

And for those aiming to live in the age of green products, you'll be happy to know that Hey Dude contains many natural elements.

"We use natural, organic ingredients wherever we can and plant-based preservatives to keep the product," says Co-Founder Susan Berner.

And as a side note: we've already snuck a dab of the 4 Your Eyes Only eye cream, which smells like fresh botanicals and is every bit as pleasant to wear if you happen to be a woman sneaking around in your man's bathroom cabinet.

Not that we would know.