Emily Blunt Feather Headband

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Now that you've got bangs, what do you do? Grow them out, of course! Granted, this is not a process for the patience-challenged, but with a few simple tricks, you can turn those short sprigs into longer, flowing locks again. Here's how:

Even them out. Sometimes bangs can be shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. If you trim them up evenly, you'll be able to do a lot more with them as they get longer. Plus, they won't look so shaggy.

Accessorize! Cute little clips, bows, barrettes and headbands are now your best friends. Stock up on these because you will need them to pull the bangs out of your eyes as they get longer. Just remember to have fun with them. Try new twists, mini braids and other ways to pull the hair off your face.

Blend your bangs into the rest of your hair. As they get longer, be sure your stylist cuts them into your style -- especially if your hair is long. You don't want to end up with two different looks.

Find a good gel. When pulling bangs off your face with clips or a headband, start with a styling pomade to smooth them out first. This will also prevent flyaways and hair falling back onto your face throughout the day.

Try a side part. This is a great way to conceal longer bangs. When your hair is still wet, apply a strong gel to your bangs. Then push them to one side while drying. Finish with some hairspray or styling wax to get them to stay. You can also experiment with a center part and use a pair of fun clips to make the bangs stay put, or use some gel to slick them straight back off the forehead for a hip, no-part look.

Wondering what to do once your bangs are grown out? How about this hot new look?

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