You have to admit, as quirky as American Idol's Siobhan Magnus is off stage, when she gets on stage, she always manages to rock out her look -- even if her vocals don't do the same.

For last night's R&B theme, the 20-year-old from Cape Cod, MA, sang "Through the Fire" by Chaka Khan, and even though all of the judges agreed it wasn't her best performance -- with Simon Cowell even saying it sounded like she was singing while running a marathon -- Siobhan added a lot of soul to her look and got our rave reviews.

Sporting a hairline braid swept over to one side, the top 10 Idol took it a step further by teasing the hair on her crown to add a lot of volume. This, combined with her eye-catching makeup and trendy boots, completed the look for this singer who always has the courage to be different with her interpretation of any style and any song. And can we just say how much better she looks without those huge glasses?

Hairline -- or headband -- braids are being spotted on other stars in Hollywood too. Remember Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars last year? We've also seen Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad braiding it up. What makes this style so appealing is that it takes just minutes to do, and it can transition from virtually any day to evening look. It's also a great trick when growing out those bangs.

When attempting this 'do yourself, L.A.-based stylist Stephanie Pohl told that it all starts with a good volumizer on the hair before blow drying. After it's dry, braid a small section of hair along the hairline and secure it with a clear elastic or bobby pin. Then add some waves to the rest of your hair by spraying a few sections with hairspray and wrapping them in different directions on a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, advised Pohl. "If the braid is too hard to do, you can just do a twist instead," he added.

Stay tuned next week for another American Idol 'Do Review. Meanwhile, tell us what you think about the dreadlocks on Crystal Bowersox!