Living flower rings from the H.Stern "Alice in Wonderland" ring collection. Photo courtesy of H.Stern

Looks like yet another designer has joined the (tea) party.

Proving that white rabbits and mad hatters are indeed the new black, jeweler H.Stern has partnered with Disney for a new collection inspired by the 3-D movie "Alice in Wonderland."

Scenes from the Tim Burton film -- which has already spawned a slew of beauty products and designs from the likes of Stella McCartney -- are brought to life in the glittering range of gold and diamond sculpture-rings, according to the jeweler's press release.

The five rings were inspired by the gothic "Underland" captured on screen, with fantastical representations of the Cheshire cat, mushroom forest (above left), Jabberwocky dragon, living flowers, and topiary garden (above right) on display.

The quirkiness doesn't stop there. The jewels, available by special order, come in two sizes -- "human dimension" and "extraordinary dimension," with bling measuring up to 10 cm.

Supersized jewels? Fantasy on our fingers? Don't mind if we do!

H.Stern Alice in Wonderland inspired jewelry mushroom forest topiary garden rings

H.Stern's "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired mushroom forest ring (left), and topiary garden ring (right). Photos courtesy of H.Stern

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