Pantene will announce a new initiative on April 1st. Photo:

Pantene has a secret.

The popular drugstore brand is announcing a new spokesmodel tomorrow - April 1st - and insiders say the name is unexpected.

"We're incredibly excited about this latest addition to the Pantene family - we also think our choice may surprise a few people," said Julie Marchant-Houle, Pantene's marketing director. "I can tell you that she - or he - will have unbelievable hair," added Marchant-Houle.

The spokesperson unveiling will take place on April 1st at 12pm EST via a webcast (watch it here) on Pantene's website. What Not To Wear's Stacy London - a current Pantene spokesmodel - will join Marchant-Houle and a special guest to reveal the goods. The brand will be dropping clues on their Facebook page and @Pantene Twitter account leading up to the announcement.

The new spokesperson will join a long list of Pantene fronters, including Kelly LeBrock and her "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" ads from the 1980s, and more recent additions like Top Chef host and new mom Padma Lakshimi.

And hush-hush secrets aren't the only thing on Pantene's plate; the brand will soon launch an entirely redesigned line of hair care products with brighter bottles, a fresh new scent and improved technology based on the inter-fiber construction of hair strands.

Starting April 1st, you can cruise on over to Pantene's website for free samples of the new products.


We're also loving Pantene's fun Facebook page, where today we learned that given the choice between 10 or more IQ points and having great hair for the rest of their life, 58% of women chose getting great hair.

Given the fact that the average woman spends $50,000 on haircare over her lifetime, we can't say we're surprised.