Shu Uemura's popular Eye Lash Curler will still be available online. Photo:

Yesterday, we covered the news that L'Oréal would no longer produce Shu Uemura cosmetics for U.S. markets.

Beauty fans across the nations were devastated about no longer being able to buy your fave eyelash curler, faux lashes and Nobara Concealer in a brick-and-mortar location like a department stores or Sephora.

Shu Uemura just sent out a few clarifications to the press, and we wanted to share: As we said yesterday, while Shu Uemura Cosmetics will no longer be sold in stores, you can still order them online. But the good news is that the company will still be releasing new launches and seasonal products in the U.S. market, just for purchase online, instead of in store.

And unlike the cosmetics, Shu Uemura Art of Hair will still be available in salons and on its own website, and is not being discontinued in U.S. markets.

Whew, those treatment masks keep our highlights from looking like straw.