Preen's Fall 2010 runway hair. Photo: Gillian Koenig

Are there days when you'd rather be cleaning the toilets than styling your hair? Does the thought of washing, conditioning, blow drying, flat-ironing or curling, loading on the product and fussing with every last strand just make you want to pull out the nearest baseball cap and stuff every last strand underneath?

If so, you have hair burnout. It happens to the best of us, but the question is: What's a fierce and fabulous fashionista -- or, for that matter, just a regular gals who's dying for something new -- to do?

Follow the latest runway trends, that's what.

On the Fall 2010 runways, we were happy to see some models sporting simple, chic looks that we'd actually want -- and be able -- to do ourselves. Take a look at this video for one such example created by stylist Luke Hersheson for the Preen Fall 2010 runway show.

Luke told StyleList that hair was pulled back in a pretty knot for a look that was elegant yet unfussy. "It's a very intelligent woman who wears his clothes," said he said. "This isn't a girl who has her hair blown out. She's not high maintenance, but she's super chic." And "with a twist here and there" Hersheson made chic look very simple indeed.

For this style, it's simply a matter of taking two sections of hair, twisting and then knotting them together. It's a look that those of us with shorter hair can do too (just break out a few bobby pins). Plus, it's a hip alternative to the Pilates class ponytail.

Want more quick and easy styles that don't require seemingly long spans of time in front of the mirror? offers a few other suggestions:

1. Try a ballerina bun.
2. Go for a low ponytail with a high glam factor.
3. Use a side part and pull half of your hair back with a glitzy accessory.
4. Try a center part.
5. Forget a part and slick it all back.
6. Braid something -- anything!
7. Go for a pieced-out look with a little pomade and a lot of layers.
8. Get messy with your ponytail.
9. Add a few loose curls up front.
10. Slip on a cute and colorful headband.

And for those of us with serious hair burnout, the best part about most of these looks is you can get away without washing and blow drying first!