A glimpse of the Miss Dior Cherie online experience. Photo: ChristianDior.com

Due to its ethereal, intangible qualities, fragrance has historically been one of the most difficult beauty products for brands to communicate to consumers both in print and online.

It's just one of those items that is best experienced in store.

Not anymore! Miss Dior Cherie found a way to break those boundaries with its latest advertising stunt -- in the vein of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, Dior has gone 3-D.

As reported on Style.com, Dior's new Miss Dior Cherie site brings a 3-D movie experience to your laptop, complete with instructions to print out the Miss Dior Cherie ad, ready your webcam and room lighting and install plug-in content.

If this all sounds a bit geek squad, that's because it is.

Or rather, chic geek squad.

Once the webcam takes a picture of your printout, the fun begins. It's an interactive virtual pop-up book. You can click on elements that will fill you in about the fragrance's notes (these are 3-D) or you can go to Sofia Coppola's whimsical commercial for the juice, starring Maryna Linchuk, shot in Paris.

All that's left is a girly Miss Dior Cherie iPhone app -- no doubt it's on its way.

Watch Coppola's 3-D Miss Dior Cherie commercial, below, and check out the best new scents for Spring 2010.