Belgium is trying to ban burqas in public. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Looks like France isn't the only country waging a war against the controversial burqa.

Belgium is poised to become the first European country to ban the Muslim veil in public following a parliamentary committee vote this week, the Daily Mail reports.

The measure will be put to a full Parliament vote later this month, and, if passed, would enforce a fine or week-long prison sentence for women caught wearing the face-concealing garment in public, according to the paper.

However, the bill reportedly does not specifically single out burqas, stating simply that it opposes clothing "that covers all or most of the face."

Politicians in favor of the bill have reportedly cited security issues (i.e., the inability to ID anyone with their face hidden) as a motive for the ban.

Daniel Bacquelaine, a major supporter of the bill, told the paper that only a few hundred women in Belgium -- which has a reported Muslim population of 650,000 -- wear the veil, but that it was growing in popularity. He suggested that the bill would help his country avoid religious segregation as seen in "bad examples" like England.

If successful, the ban could become law as early as June, barring any human rights challenges.

As we've reported previously, French politicans have also made efforts to ban the burqa in public, with some calling the garment "unacceptable." However, this week its highest administrative body ruled that such a ban may violate the country's constitution, according to the Daily Mail.

Do you think a burqa ban is fair? Should the government have a say in the religious garments people are allowed to wear -- even if it means banning crosses?

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