Bobbi Brown Brightening Skincare

Bobbi Brown's Brightening Skincare brightens, smooths and hydrates for a beautiful, even complexion. Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Professional Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown is on a mission to provide real women with the tools to feel (and look) pretty powerful.

This spring, the makeup artist is pressing forward with a new skincare line that aims to deliver "fresh, radiant, lit-from-within skin."

The Bobbi Brown Brightening Skincare Collection is a 5-step regimen that offers the fundamentals of skincare -- it brightens, hydrates, and protects -- while addressing a woman's need to cover and correct dark spots and skin discoloration with a double-action treatment makeup corrector.

While traveling throughout Asia -- where even skin is held in high regard and a skin lightening or brightening cream, coupled with ardent sun production, is part of the daily skincare routine -- Brown was inspired by the women of the region to create a skincare line that targets dark spots.

"I spent a lot of time meeting Asian women to find out what beauty means to them," Brown told StyleList. "While in Asia, I noticed that many brightening skincare lines take time to produce results and do not offer the instant coverage that a lot of women want."

Bobbi Brown's Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector SPF 25

Bobbi Brown's Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector SPF 25. Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Professional Cosmetics

Drawing from her experience as a makeup artist, Brown created products like the Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector SPF 25 that instantly conceal discoloration and even out skin tone, but also contain ingredients like Vitamins C and E, licorice and caffeine that will reduce hyperpigmentation and exfoilate dead skin cells to reveal smooth skin.

"The Brightening Spot Treatment Corrector with SPF 25 is unique because it does two things at once," she said. "It immediately covers dark spots while reducing their appearance over time. And the SPF is necessary to keep existing dark spots from getting darker and preventing more from developing."

Bobbi Brown's Brightening Skincare collection also include a Brightening Hydrating Lotion, Brightening Intensive Serum, Brightening Moisture Cream, and SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base.

"My philosophy has always been that healthy, moisturized skin is key for smooth, even makeup application," said Brown. "We wanted to be sure that this collection did not strip the skin, as many brightening lines tend to do. It's all about helping skin to be brighter, smoother, clearer and even-toned."

Bobbi Brown Brightening Skincare ($35-$95) is now available at and major department stores including Sak's Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodman.

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