Brett Micheals for Pantene. Photo: Pantene Webcast

With a lead up that involved secretly deleted tweets, well-planted Facebook clues, and a little April Fools Day humor, Pantene debuted its new spokesperson today in a live webcast.

All evidence ("known for rockstar locks" was one of the clues) pointed to this new strand star being former Poison frontman and current Rock of Love star Bret Michaels, and he did make an appearance on the webcast.

But don't worry, you won't have to watch Michaels on your television flipping his long blonde locks and saying "don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

Because -- surprise! -- Pantene's new spokesperson could be you.

To celebrate its upcoming brand reinvention, Pantene is embarking on a mission to find the world's first reality hair star to represent the brand in a commercial campaign.

The winner will star in ad spots alongside What Not to Wear host and current spokesperson Stacy London, and tour with Michaels this summer.

To enter, upload a one minute video here, telling Pantene why you should be the first reality hair star. Twelve finalists will be flown to New York City for an in-person test shoot in early May.

May the best-tressed woman win.