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If you read my last post, you know I'm obsessed with Tom Ford's film, A Single Man. If you haven't seen it, RUN! Do not walk to the theater! It must been viewed on the silver screen. A breathtakingly stunning emotional story of a gay man in the 60s whose partner dies in a car crash, every moment is art directed to graphic perfection.

And Julianne Moore's makeup. No words! Beyond!

Sixties perfection. Glamorously chic double cat eyes with a thin line in the crease of the lid to give the eye depth and that coveted deep set look.

I sat down with Lashionista Modelista, Purple Lab's peptide-packed liquid liner and tubing mascara duo, to recreate the look. Keep in mind - I really can't pull it off the way Julianne can and the rest of me is not styled in a 60s vibe, but the eye makeup speaks for itself.

See how to do it, in the video above.

And Tom, give me Moore!



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