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You might be 30, yet have the skin of a 50 year-old.

That's what French skincare expert Sothys claims with the launch of their new Collagene Hyaluronique Anti-Aging Facial, which involves a skin consultation guided by an esthetician who determines the true age of your skin.

"Lifestyle factors heavily affect how your skin ages. I've seen young girls who spend too much time in the sun, don't get enough nutrition and party too hard come in here with skin that is much older than their age," says Barbara Lowi, Spa Coordinator for New York's Sothys Spa.

After your consultation which includes lifestyle questions and a skin texture and clarity analysis, the esthetician will choose an appropriate level of product that targets your specific aging concerns. A five-phase customized facial follows, which features a lymphatic massage for deep renewal.

"We use flax for nourishment, dill for skin elasticity, ribose sugar to exfoliate and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate," says Caroline Rushworth, Director of Education.

But can a facial really improve the sagging of older skin?

"We work with a special enzyme in dill that targets the quality of the elastin you have. We can't increase the quantity, but we can improve the quality," says Rushworth.

And true to the luxurious spirit of Sothys, expect some exoticism in this facial. "In the first phase, we do a manual microdermabrasion exfoliation with volcanic rock from Sicily. It's filled with minerals and magnesium, which stimulates the skin," says Rushworth.

While New York houses the only Sothys spa in the country, many independent spas carry the line of products and will begin featuring the new Collagene Hyaluronique Anti-Aging Facial as well.

After the facial, you can expect to see glowy results last for at least several days - which you can further elongate by following up at home with the use of a rich Sothys serum, which contains marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and volcanic ash.

The French sure know how to indulge.

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