Dots on the Spring 2010 runway: Michael Kors (left), Tracy Reese (center) and Chris Benz (right). Photos: Getty Images

If you don't plan on channeling military, and watercolor prints aren't your thing, then consider making a spotty fashion statement this spring with polka dots. The cheery prints popped up all over the runways.

At Michael Kors, the designer went for a black and white splatter that looked more beautiful than bovine. Fellow New York designers Tracy Reese showed hers as an artsy overlay while Chris Benz opted for a louche jumpsuit punctuated with colorful pop art circles.

If you choose to go for this graphic look, then consider your size. Don't pick a pattern that will overwhelm. For example, petite women should opt for small to medium polka dots while bigger ladies should feel free to experiment with bolder pieces.

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