Sandra Bullocks' glamorous 'do at the 2010 Oscars. Photo: Getty Images

Old Hollywood glamour is in the air.

Whether it's the influence of the stylish ladies of Mad Men or Sandra Bullock's spin on the Oscar's red carpet in a glossy brunette style reminiscent of screen sirens past, feminine styles are all the rage this Spring season. Yet unlike their 1950's predecessor, the modern take is a lot more relaxed and youthful, with far less structure.

At a recent event hosted by Clairol and Aussie in downtown NYC, we learned how to blend hair color with style to capture the newest glam trend - all with super budget-friendly products.

"No longer do brunettes have to be categorized as just dark or light - it's about movement to red or gold undertones with subtle nuances reflected by the light and the way your hair moves," says Marcy Cona, Clairol's Global Director of Color & Style.

Translated into how-to speak, that means you can use a line like Clairol's Perfect 10 to explore an expanded palette of hues. For example, if your go-to shade is a rich chocolate Neutral 4, you can try 4G, which takes a slightly warmer tone, leaving behind subtle undertones to your color.

No matter your shade, the one thing that all old Hollywood styles have in common is shine. Prep towel-dried hair with Aussie's Sun-Touched Shine Leave In Conditioner, and blow dry. Then skip the harsh vintage side part and instead make a clean center part with a pick comb starting above the middle of your nose. Don't have one of those combs? Grab a pencil instead.

Then using a large 1 1/2" curling iron, curl hair up in 2" sections at a time and secure at the root with pins to cool off. Once your curls are cool to the touch, unclip and gently brush hair - using your fingers for a more styled look, or a brush for subtler Veronica Lake-like waves.

Finish with a final spritz of a super glossy hairspray like Aussie's Hi Shine + Hi Hold Hairspray.

Final step? Step out the door to show off your gorg new locks.