Makeup artist Carmindy graces the cover of her newest book. Photo:

When you're working on a TV show, publishing books and creating your own beauty products, things can get crazy busy.

Just ask makeup artist and entrepreneur extraordinaire Carmindy.

Best known for her makeup work on TLC's What Not To Wear, the California-born blonde has just published her third book, Crazy Busy Beautiful.

"So many of my girlfriends, family members and fans always share their fav beauty tips and tricks and want to know all of mine, so I decided to create a Pandora's Box of all of them. I compiled every tip I have plus all I have heard from others for a fun girl-to-girl guide of beauty!" Carmindy tells StyleList.

The book is currently on sale for $12.99 (though we found lots of deals online), and features chapters covering everything from travel tips to sexy and sultry evening makeup to the wackiest tips Carmindy has ever encountered - that really do work.

But don't be scared if you're not a pro with your makeup brush or think you just don't have the time to get glam; the advice is quick and easy, and often heralds back to Carmindy's trademark technique of 'the five minute face.'

Many of the tips even save you frustration. We snuck one such gem out of Carmindy.

"One of my fav tips is to keep a non-latex sponge dipped into a little foundation handy and use it as a magic eraser to quickly clean up any smudges or mistakes."

We're just glad to hear we're not the only ones with an unsteady eyeliner hand.

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