New anti-aging skincare and supplements with resveratrol. Photo courtesy of Caudalie

This past fall we reported on Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Cream -- a high end wrinkle and radiance cream that was an immediate best seller at Sephora -- which contains an ingredient called resveratrol, recently pinpointed in a Harvard Medical School study as one of the most effective anti-aging molecules on the market.

[Side note: As the writer of that story, I would like to point out that I have applied the cream every single night since November and I'm still using the same bottle. Makes the $150 price tag easier to swallow, right?]

Resveratrol is the ingredient that makes red wine (in moderation!) good for your health, and Caudalie was the first brand to patent it for topical use and utilize its wrinkle fighting, radiance-restoring attributes in a line of skincare.

Now, French brand has added two new ways to add resveratrol to your daily beauty routine.

Vinexpert Riche Radiance Day Cream SPF 10 has resveratrol to fight wrinkles, grape seed polyphenols to protect against future damage, and a subtle pearl finish to add instant radiance.

Vinexpert Nutritional Supplements are a way to get the internal benefits of resveratrol without the wine, plus the supplements include other skin-nourishing oils like grape seed, virgin borage and virgin evening primrose. Caudalie claims that the capsules are proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 53% and increase skin density by 17%.

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