Is Serena Williams' glove a tribute to Michael? Or Madonna? Photos: OHPIX/ | AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Tennis star Serena Williams has recently taken to wearing a single black lace fingerless glove, usually on her left hand.

She first showed up gloved to watch sister Venus Williams play in the Sony Ericsson Open on March 29th. A few days later, Williams was still wearing the glove when she frolicked in the Atlantic Ocean on Miami Beach, April 2nd (above left). On April 4th, Williams returned to the Sony Ericsson Open... still sporting the glove (above right).

Is the lacy look a Madonna-style throwback? A Michael Jackson-style signature accessory? A good luck charm for sister Venus?

We're on the case attempting to find out. But really, who wears a glove to the beach? Into the ocean, no less!