Clogs are back. The typically wooden soled shoe has made a resurgence in sandal and mule form. Prominent during the Baby Boomer generation, the once clunky footwear has gotten a sleek makeover for spring.

Chanel kicked things off with a high-brow revival (thanks Uncle Karl!). Lagerfeld's luxurious version was fierce, high-heeled and ready to do some damage (to wallets and fashion malaise alike). But there are other stylized options - colored, floral, and studded - that are just as cool and come in a variety of price points.

How does one avoid looking like the little Dutch girl? Keep it modern and lean-these clod hoppers are a tad heavy and squat, so make sure to emphasize length and lightness. Pair with skinny jeans or the long (and short) flow-y skirts that are popping up everywhere.

With the warm weather presiding, it's time to get a jump start the trend. We review our favorites in the following slideshow:

See what else is cooking for the spring season.