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If you don't have wash-and-go hair, that could present a dilemma for your tresses when you're done with your workout -- especially because re-washing and re-styling is not only a major time-sucker, it can also suck the life out of your hair.

Luckily, the folks at have some tips on how to get great post-gym hair -- without anyone knowing those strands were just soaked in sweat minutes before!

Step 1: Spray It On
A little product can go a long way. Spritz five squirts of a volumizing spray gel, such as Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel ($2.99, drugstores), onto the top of your hair and comb through with your fingers. This will leave hair softer and more manageable.

Step 2: Add Some Heat
Wrap a medium-size section of hair around a round brush -- a good one is the Goody Ionic Styles Styler ($5.34, Walmart stores) -- rolling it close to the scalp. Or, if your hair is straight, opt for a paddle brush. Hold a dryer over the section for about 10 seconds and blow roots forward to dry any sweat and add some oomph. For curly hair, simply scrunch with your fingers and skip the brush.

Step 3: Chill Out
Allow hair to cool before further styling. When using a brush, let hair remain in the brush for a few moments, being careful not to pull it through the brush which could leave it flat. Repeat steps two and three on all remaining damp hair.

Step 4: Add Bounce
When hair is completely dry, add a dab of pomade to your hands and gently work through your hair. To get that sleek and bouncy look, finish by holding the dryer approximately six inches from the ends, sweeping it gently over your head. Finally, tousle hair into position with your fingers and walk out of the gym feeling as fresh as you did when you entered.

Other tips to avoid gym hair?

Skip the hot showers, steam baths, saunas and Jacuzzis. As tempting as they are after a strenuous workout, the hot water and steam will dehydrate your hair. If you can't resist though, cover your locks with a light layer of conditioner and wrap in a towel to protect it. Rinse with cool water when you're done relaxing.

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