Marilyn Monroe, the quintessential blonde. Photo: Getty Images

Last month we reported that blondes indeed do have more fun, and now a new study out of Australia reveals that it's possible blondes also have a leg up on their brunette and redheaded peers when it comes to money and men.

According to Fox News, the University of Queensland study found that blonde women earn 7% more money than women with other hair colors, and they marry men who earn 6% more than the husbands of other women.

The study doesn't give any clues as to why this is, but Dr. David Johnson, who led the study, said this: "Blonde women are often depicted as being more attractive than other women, but also less intelligent. But it seems the association between blondes and beauty dominates any perception that they have low intelligence. This could explain why the 'blondeness effect' is evident in the marriage market."

We speculate that it might also have something to do with blonde hair being a sign of youth and vitality whereas brown hair (unfortunately) often gets labeled as "mousy." And dying your hair blonde may spur a boost of self-esteem that makes women more likely to show confidence in the workplace and be more outgoing in their personal lives.

Of course we know more than a few sultry brunettes and fiery redheads that have power-player careers and self-confidance to spare. And, there was this study, that says billionaires are more likely to marry brunettes.

So no need to get dis-tressed, obviously your hair color does not define who you are.

For more interesting hair stats, check out this new study about women and their relationship with their hair. When asked to choose between a higher IQ or great hair for a lifetime, 57% of women chose getting great hair.