French Marie Claire April cover no airbrushing

What you see is what you get: French Marie Claire forgoes airbrushing this month. Photo courtesy of Marie Claire

Vive la France!

So much for being "snooty." Not only have our beret-wearing pals celebrated curves with French Elle's special plus-size issue, but now the good folks at the French edition of Marie Claire have unveiled their April issue sans airbushing, Styleite reports.

Proudly bearing the cover line, "Numero 100% sans retouches" underneath a photo of (naturally, we assume) beautiful French actress Louise Bourgoin, the issue includes wayward eyebrow hairs, knee creases, loose fabric and -- gasp -- an imperfection or two.

Look closer and you just might find Demi Moore's hip and Anne Hathaway's armpit.

Of course, the lack of Photoshop also means that the ultra-skinny model in the fashion editorials are actually that skinny (gulp). We know French women don't get fat, but surely they get McDonald's. Don't they?

Still, the magazine did reportedly have a few tricks up its sleeves. Photographer/blogger Benjamin Kanarek noted that the magazine relied on overexposures, filters and flattering poses (such as big smiles or using the hands to pull back skin and smooth out wrinkles), according to Styleite.

Oh, well. We'll take what we can get. But maybe next time they can follow their Australian sister's lead with a curvy, nude and unairbrushed cover?

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