Rebecca Taylor's Spring 2010 fashion show flirty floral skirts

A model walks the runway in a flirty, floral skirt at the Rebecca Taylor Spring 2010 fashion show. Photo: Getty Images for IMG

For your first sewing project, skirts are the easiest place to start. Too many sewers are put off by complicated instructions and terms. Have no fear - there are plenty of simple and adorable patterns out there. Here are a few favorites:

  • Flower Power: If you crave a sweet floral skirt like the ones seen on the spring runways, this easy, gathered design is right up your alley. (To make a mini a la Rebecca Taylor, just raise the hemline a few inches.)
  • No Pattern Required: Check out this video that teaches you how to create your own super-quick, custom-made skirt from scratch. All you need to bring to the party is your favorite fabric and a couple of supplies. Here's another written version of the same style.
  • Girly Twirl: For the little DIY-lovers in your life, download this eBook sewing kit, How to Make a Twirl Skirt.
  • The Book on Skirts: If you really want to make your own designs, Sew What! Skirts has 16 simple styles and gives a step-by-step tutorial.
  • Sew the Chloe: I just love this knit skirt pattern tutorial that teaches you how to make a circlular jersey skirt in as many variations as your heart desires. The best part is that you learn the concept behind the pattern, so you are the designer.
  • The 5-Minute Skirt: How could one resist with a name like this? The do-it-yourself pattern boils the skirt down to its simplest elements--two side seams, a waistband and hem. Voila!
For more DIY Design articles, click here. Next week, add some heavy metal touches to your garments.