Bust out the two-ply!

It's a nice day for a wipe white wedding, which means it's once again time to round up some Charmin for the 6th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

Hosted by Roxie Radford, Laura Gawne, and Susan Bain of Cheap Chic Weddings, this silly sartorial challenge awards $1,000 to fledging Vera Wangs armed with only toilet paper, glue, tape, and a needle and thread.

"We are very excited about this year's contest and look forward to seeing all of the beautiful entries," Gawne says in a press statement. "They never cease to amaze us!"

No kidding. As StyleList previously reported, last year's winner, Ann Kagawa Lee, turned out a "Gone with the Wind"-inspired gown that involved Japanese origami.

The bottom line: Your experience TP'ing your neighbor's home isn't going to cut it.

The contest runs from now until May 15, and winners will be announced June 4.

While first place nabs you a cool grand, second-place finishers get $500, and third place wins $250. Not too shabby considering your materials will probably set you back about $20 at Costco.

To enter, submit front, back, and side-view digital photos of your commode-worthy creation (worn on a model or mannequin) to tpdresscontest@gmail.com. Visit Cheap Chic Weddings for official rules.

Who knows? You just might create a gown that will make a budget-minded bride flush with pride.

Meanwhile, if you think a two-ply wedding dress is crazy, check out this Flintstones wedding.

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