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Singing John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" on American Idol last night, it was not just the vocals from Casey James that took center stage.

It was his hair as well.

As the oldest contestant in the group, James was first recognized as a possible sex symbol during auditions when Kara DioGuardi appeared quite smitten and asked the 27-year-old to remove his shirt (although, being that he was lacking in the muscular department, he probably should have kept it on).

Since then, the Texan has continued to win over the ladies with his long and wavy locks, which are sometimes left loose and flowing and other times pulled back in a male tail.

All of the attention on his hair has earned him the nickname of 'Goldilocks' and 'Fabio' from his fellow contestants, with some also comparing him to a soap opera star. Even Ellen DeGeneres agreed. "You have a great voice. And pretty hair," she commented after his performance last night.

While the 1960s popularized the notion that it was a form of expression for men to have long hair, it's now transcended into a more modern, stylized look that is not just reserved for hippies, surfers, artists or rockers anymore. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebs are often seen sporting longer locks today. And while some women find it sexy and seductive, it can influence peoples' opinions in other ways too.

In fact, one study conducted by Yale University found that guys with long hair were viewed as less intelligent, but more good-natured. They also discovered that men with short hair that was longer in the front were thought to be sexier and more confident, but also more self-absorbed. And those with medium-length hair parted on the side were viewed as more intelligent and competent, yet more narrow-minded.

So, what's your opinion ladies? Are you attracted to guys with longer locks? Take our poll and let us know. Then, check out some of the worst men's styles in Hollywood!