jonathan antin

Jonathan Antin, stylist and "Shear Genius" judge. Photo courtesy of Bravo

"Shear Genius" on Bravo debuted this year with a whole new crew -- and we don't just mean the contestants. Season 3 brought us new host Camila Alves, new stylist mentor Orlando Pita, new guests like singer Estelle, and a new judge, stylist and former "Blow Out" star Jonathan Antin.

We caught up with Antin to get his scoop on what's hot for spring haircuts, his thoughts on who will win on tonight's finale of "Shear Genius" and what we can see from him in the future.

StyleList: How are you updating your clients' cuts for spring?
Antin: I'm growing out everyone's wispy layers and going back to long layers, or if it's appropriate, even doing one length. The shag layering is out. Never again. [For short hair] I'm doing architecturally pure, stacked layering right now. So it's really clean and stacked or long layers. That's what I'm shooting for.

StyleList: And how does ditching wispy or choppy layeres change a woman's total look?
Antin: It's really sophisticated, chic and sexy -- getting away from looking "high school" and trying to look too young. I've always been known for layers, and I haven't shut the door on that, I've just lowered the layers down to the bottom. Now it looks cleaner.

StyleList: You're probably accosted all the time by up-and-coming stylists for career advice. What do you often tell them?
Antin: The secret is there is no secret. It's all about the level of skill and it always will be. It all starts with a good foundation and you have to be an expert in your area. Also, never let your guard down. When you get into the "big leagues" a lot of obstacles come along to throw you off the path so perseverance has to be a priority.

StyleList: Any hint on who you think will win this season of "Shear Genius?"
Antin: Matthew and Janine have been the leaders but Brig is fighting to stay in. Who knows what is going to happen? I think Matthew has the most experience and is the most polished. Brig is quirky and off the beaten path...I was least likely to succeed in beauty school, so you just never know. We'll see...

StyleList: And what can we see from you in the future?
Antin: I have a new line coming out called Jonathan Antin Hair Care [editor's note: Antin is no longer affiliated with his former line, Jonathan Product], I'm opening a new Jonathan Antin Salon and I just signed a deal for a new TV show. I'm reinventing myself!

Catch Antin on the finale of "Shear Genius" this Wednesday, 10/9c on Bravo.