Image: Courtesy Lifebooker

My inbox is full, but it's not because I'm popular.

It's because I subscribe to just about every online sample sale, addicted to the insane bargains at Gilt, Ideeli, Groupon and kgbdeals.

But my latest and most dangerous obsession is Lifebooker.

If you live in New York City or Los Angeles, you're in luck: The site gives you access to amazing beauty deals and lets you book them online -- really, no need to even pick up the phone. It's so easy to book a discounted haircut, mani-pedi or laser hair removal appointment that I've actually had to limit myself to checking the site every other day.

At first, I was seduced by the ease of making an appointment and the deep discounts, slowly getting into the habit with a much-needed body scrub and airbrush tan for an upcoming wedding. That was a must with or without Lifebooker, but then there was a mani-pedi at a nail salon I've never seen before and a totally superfluous blowout that just seemed too cheap to pass up.

And finally, yesterday, I purchased my first Lifebooker Loot item, a subset of the site that offers limited-time, extra-special deals on cool stuff in your city. I grabbed a package of 10 pilates lessons for $59, like it was a candy bar.

Except it's good for me.

Is obsessive-compulsive online sale shopping the next entry in the DSM IV handbook?

Here's hoping the site comes to your hometown, that is if you can control your spa habit.