The Touchback gray root marker at work. Courtesy Photo

Gray roots are a hot topic with StyleList readers.

When we reported on the TouchBack marker last month -- a new hair marker designed to instantly mask gray roots with believable, temporary color -- we could have never anticipated the 1,300 reader comments and questions that flooded in about the how's and why's of graying hair, along with requests for more details on this handy little temporary color tool that helps you cheat extra time between dye jobs.

So we asked celebrity hair colorist Jason Backe - who uses the TouchBack to keep some of Hollywood's most beautiful locks looking vibrant and fresh on the red carpet -- to answer your most burning gray root questions.

Q: As I continue in the work force, I need all the advantages I can get. How do I keep my hair color looking young?
A: The number one rule - cover your grays! No matter how gorgeous your gray hair, it ages you drastically. Keep an eye out for trends that are age-appropriate. Right now, tone-on-tone variation is super sexy and modern.

Q: Why do some strips of gray hair grow out in 'skunk-like' patches?
A: Where and how the grays come in really depends on genetics. A lot of times when you see someone with a gray streak, it's actually caused by a birthmark on the scalp. I have in the past however strategically colored hair - covering all the gray except for a dramatic streak in the front.

Q: My natural hair color is a dark brunette, but as I've gotten older and my coloring has changed, I feel like dark brunette is too harsh for my face. Do you find this happens with clients? What's your solution?
A: You're not alone, lovely. Many women find a single process brunette too heavy or harsh-looking as they get older. I love to see a few lighter brown or dark blond highlights around the face just to give a deep brunette some softness and movement - it's amazing how just a few highlights can brighten your complexion!

Q: Can TouchBack be used on beards?
A: Yes. Use the accompanying comb as a guard, lightly press down on the hair with your marker. If you mess up and color outside of your beard and onto the skin, you can take a wet washcloth and easily remove the color.

Q: Does TouchBack test on animals?
A: No!

Q: Do I have to worry about TouchBack sweating off or running on a hot day?
A: TouchBack can be used everyday. Just be wary when you're sweating excessively, because it might run minimally.

Q: Does TouchBack work on white hair?
A: Yes, it works as a touchup for white roots, although you may need to saturate the hair more with the marker.

Q: Does TouchBack work on eyebrows?
A: No, unfortunately, the formula is only designed for the head and facial hair.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: To tackle gray hairs in your brows, try a tinted eye brow mascara like Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, Benefit Speed Brow, and 3 Custom Colors Brow Gel. The pigmented gel formulas will adhere to your brow hairs and blend the gray strands. You can also get them professionally tinted at most salons.]

Q: Does TouchBack have a scent?
A: No, there are no harsh chemicals in it such as ammonia or peroxide.

For more info on the TouchBack marker, check out their website.

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