Here we go again: Another celebrity with a charmed life, allegedly cheating on his beautiful wife.

Tiki Barber says he and his wife Ginny Barber are separating, and the New York Post says he was cheating on her with a younger woman, according to unnamed sources.

I mean, Jesse James we can imagine, but boyish, sweet Tiki Barber? The football player-turned-"TODAY" show host with the kind eyes and perma-smile? It's just as shocking as Tiger Woods.

Can someone please tell these men how lucky they are to have gorgeous, stylish wives? We mean, everyone has relationship issues, but there is just something so sad about all these men apparently leaving their wives for other, often younger, women.

And Ginny Barber is pregnant -- with twins!

Ginny Barber is a beautiful women, but like Sandra Bullock and Elin Woods and so many other stunning stars, sometimes it just doesn't matter. What a shame.

See pictures of Ginny Barber and more famous, fabulous women who've unfortunately been cheated on: