Jessica Simpson's hair extensions. Photo:

So you want longer, fuller hair, but you're petrified about someone gluing fake hair onto your scalp, right?

Or, given that we recently reported that one woman spends $30,000 a year on her extensions, maybe you're more scared of getting hooked on a ridiculously expensive beauty habit.

True, hair extensions can be a big cost and a big commitment, but according to many hair stylists, it doesn't have to be that way. That is, if you take a do-it-yourself approach.

"Adding hair extensions can be done relatively simply by yourself," celebrity stylist Eric Alt of Eric Alt Salon in Northern New Jersey tells StyleList. "To do this, you definitely want to go with the clip-ins."

We know, we know, the word "clip-ins" calls to mind something that you'd adorn your shoe with, but these handy little hair pieces have been gaining major traction in the hairstyling world, as better brands are coming out with real-looking alternatives.

"If you go for the highest quality hair available -- natural human hair," says Alt, "you can actually create a really great look."

Alt recommends seeking out a reputable beauty supply store and looking for quality brands such as the Jessica Simpson or Raquel Welch line, where you could spend up to $1,000, but many clip-ins are cheaper than that. You can then take your new strands to your hairstylist who can match the cut and color to your hair. He or she can also teach you how to place them properly.

"Hair extensions are bigger than ever," according to Alt, who reminds us that adding some length to your locks just requires keeping a couple of things in mind.

"Stay away from synthetic hair. Not only does it look fake, you can't wash, blow dry, curl or flat iron it." And definitely do not attempt to glue permanent extensions in yourself says Alt, who has horror stories of women trying to do this and having a bad allergic reaction from using the wrong glue. "Women who try this themselves could also end up having to get their hair cut or shaved off if it's done wrong.".

"Stick with the clip-ins," advises Alt. "Just have fun and experiment with it."

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