Now selling, discount Vajazzles! Photo:

Our new favorite sale site,, brings us a special Friday, err, gem.

Vajazzles are now on sale.

Yes, that's right, for a limited time only at New York City's Brazil Bronze Glow Bar, you can adorn your vajayjay with Swarovski crystals for only $17, down from the normal price of $25. To partake in this "privates" sale, which the website says will transform your treasure trail into a "sexy disco ball," sign up for, and you'll see the promotion on their homepage.

Of course, as the fashion pendulum swings, this demotion to the sale rack means that the vajazzle is suddenly passe. It's no longer OK to go out in pubic -- we mean public -- wearing one.

Sorry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, your "precious lady" needs a makeover.

We're on to baldazzling, anyway. And, these cute undies from Dear Diary on, which, quite frankly, are about all the "jazzle" we can handle.

Vajazzle underwear from Dear Diary. Photo: