picMD, a new app for the iPad (pictured, right) and iPhone. Courtesy Photo | Apple.com

Feel like a change, but you're just not sure purple eye shadow or coral lip gloss are right for your skin tone?

Enter picMD, a new web, iPhone and iPad app that allows you to makeover any photo. Just click on a feature (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc.) and a palette of products appears. Next you select the shade you like and it gets "applied" to the area, using ModiFace's patent-pending facial recognition technology.

The application will feature products from about 20 different brands and it lets you choose from two different modes: "cosmetic makeup (equipped with visualization functionalities including eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and mascara among others) and anti-aging (equipped with browlift, rhinoplasty, dermal-filler, and face-lift options)."

So we can finally try on the no-laugh-line look we wish we had.

Because those lines aren't very funny.

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