Jay Nicolas Sario sketching circus tent project runway

Jay Nicolas Sario doesn't clown around for the design challenge. Photo: Lifetime

"Project Runway" tries to become the Greatest (Reality) Show on Earth and takes the remaining five designers off to the The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

We love all the dramatic metaphors: The designers are vying for the chance to show their collections at New York Fashion Week at the tents at Bryant Park, so they go to circus tents -- get it?
The Challenge: The contestants must create fashions inspired by the Big Top, but design mentor Tim Gunn reminds them he doesn't want to see a circus costume. Translation: No freak show, guys!

The Workroom Drama: Emilio Sosa makes like a lion and roars about how great he is, but once again, Gunn isn't loving his design. (We can't remember a season in which Gunn's distaste for a contestant was so obvious).

Anthony Williams is the only designer not working with black and white, a choice encouraged by Gunn. We think Williams is ringleader's pet and Sosa is going to be fed to the animals. Still, Williams is worried until Gunn talks to him about trusting his viscera. Williams announces that when he returns to Georgia, he "is going to need a dictionary."

Mila Hermananovski tells Jay Nicolas Sario his ringmaster-inspired jacket reads "Michael Jackson." That sets him off in a panic.

The Runway Show:
Things turn into a five-ring -- er, model -- circus, but does it feature the greatest dresses on earth? Yes, according to Sosa, who says the judges just may "pee themselves" when they see his creation.

The Guest Judge: Cynthia Rowley makes an appearance, wearing exactly the same shade of bright pink that Hermanovski has used as an accent in her circus costume (um, dress, just in case Gunn is listening).

Best Line by a Judge: "It looks like a giant blue condom," Michael Kors says when he sees Williams's smurf-colored gown, which is made of say-it-isn't-sew polyester. Kors actually gets out of his chair to touch the fabric and recoils in horror.

Who's In: After a long deliberation (aka a commercial), the judges give their first Bryant Park fashion-circus ticket to Sosa "for a dress in a league of its own." Kors says it's his "favorite of the season." (Maybe they did pee!) That's five Sosa wins in a row. (Time to check the "PR" history books to see if that's some kind of Christian Siriano-smashing record.)

Next golden ticket: Seth Aaron Henderson, who is praised for his "distinct point of view and impeccable tailoring." (They forgot to mention his Christian Dior references).

Who's Kind of, Sort of In: Hermanovski and Sario have "tied" for third and will be given a final chance to compete for the last spot as a "Project Runway" Fashion Week finalist. They are instructed to go home and create complete runway collections, which the judges will evaluate before deciding who actually gets "final three" honors.

Hermanovski is elated until she hears the news about Sario. (We think their models should just duke it out on the high wire.)

Who's Out: This is why we love this season: Although Williams won some of the biggest challenges, the judges tell him they worry he's not ready for the Big Top that is Bryant Park. He still needs to mature (and never, ever touch polyester again), but they expect great things from him.

Williams walks way with the honor of dressing Heidi Klum for the April cover of Marie Claire and Jessica Alba for the red carpet. He also pulled off the biggest coup of the season: winning a challenge the week after he had been kicked off the show.

"I don't think you could ever think you've seen the last of me," Williams says. "Not in a million years."

And to that we say: How about an "Anthony and the City" reality show, Lifetime?

And Just in Case You Missed It: StyleList reviewed the "Project Runway" finale show at Bryant Park in February, but we'll now take a moment to praise Williams for the 10-piece collection showed in an attempt to throw off the identity of the true finalists.

Yes, a few dresses read "prom" to us, but like all good things from Williams, the "wow" pieces are etched in our memory. He sewed rings around some of his competitors, who were actually there to impress the judges.

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