The department-store chain first made a video with the oddly unself-conscious teen blogger Tavi, who chatted about Rodarte for Target. Now it's Zac Posen's turn.

Zac Posen for Target is poised to his stores April 25, with a 24-hour preview for New Yorkers beginning April 15, but you can catch the clothing in action ASAP on the Web site for girl-band The Like.

Directed by 23-year-old Gia Coppola (yes, Sofia is her aunt and Francis Ford is her grandfather), the short is inspired by old footage of The Beatles in their hotel room and shows the ladies preparing for their gig.

And, of course, the pairing came together in a Six Degrees of Separation way: The filmmaker and the fashion designer met years ago when Posen was starting out in the industry; Coppola and members of The Like have been friends since high school in L.A.

Check out the too-cool-for-school video above.

Posen isn't the only big designer teaming up with Target. Check out Jean-Paul Gaultier's collection.