Suri Cruise on April 11 in New York City. Photo: Wireimage

It's not just adults we're seeing on the "Best Tressed" lists anymore.

Barely out of diapers, some celebrity kids have been spotted with fancy 'dos ranging from Mohawks to bohemian shags and posh bobs. Remember Suri Cruise with her long hair (and $800 purse), "Brangelina's" son Maddox with his blue-dyed Mohawk and Gwen Stefani's son with his bleached locks?

This makes us wonder: Are tiny tots the next hairstyle icons? Should they look as chic and stylish on the playground as their parents do on the red carpet?

One company thinks so.

Le Baby Inc. has recently launched a new hair gel, Le Baby Hair Gel, that is targeted to babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin (think: mommy and me). This hypoallergenic product is said to be "great for quick hair touch-ups and smoothing away frizz" for moms and "perfect for thickening fine hair and taming post-nap fly-aways" for babes.

"Today's fashionable parents think of their children as extensions of themselves," says Tami Dimmerman, mother of two and creator of Le Baby Inc. "Modern kids need to look just as fashionable and stylish as their cool moms and dads. Hairstyles have become a way of self-expression for kids and remind others that they have their own personalities."

Le Baby hair gel is said to be free of harsh chemicals -- and that's great for parents and kids alike.

But the idea of babies and tots having their own line of styling products -- and taking up valuable space in the bathroom -- can be hard for some of us to wrap our heads around.

When the reality show, "Toddlers & Tiaras" debuted, these beauty pageant babes created a heated debate on whether diva moms should be spending hours glamming up their little ones with hair extensions, spray-on tans, fake eyelashes and fingernails, and layers of makeup and hair spray.

But according to Le Baby, Inc. this gel is not necessarily meant to glam up our kids, but rather, "make combing and styling a cinch."

Dimmerman adds, "The children's haircare market has become a big industry. Where once a baby care routine involved a simple bath and powdering, parents and caretakers are now looking for products that pamper babies both physically and mentally. I wanted to create a worry-free product that helped moms and dads create fun hairstyles; and keep their kids groomed while feeling good about it. "

Tell us what you think. Is it necessary for kids to have stylish hairstyles? And now, see how much the average family spends on clothes for their bundles of joy.