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Spring may have just sprung, but chances are, winter has left its drying, dull mark on your skin.

We've got good news: there are lots of quick, easy ways to rev up your complexion for a dewy glow. You just need to make sure you eliminate the dimming skin offenders first.

"Harsh products are the worst enemy of glowing skin because they can leave you red, swollen and flaky. You should baby your skin. Save the antibacterial bar soap for your feet!" says LA Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu.

For the most dramatic change, an in-office derm treatment can polish you up faster and more effectively than anything else. "The best no downtime quick-fix is the LHA peel. LHA stands for lipo hydroxy acid, which is a variation of salicylic acid that sloughs off dead skin cell layers and leaves your skin softer than other peels. It takes about 10 minutes, and you leave looking a little pink and flushed, with smoother skin in a few days. It's especially great for acne and sun damage," advises Dr. Wu.

There are also countless product options today with such advanced technology that a difference in the texture and glow of the skin can often be seen after just one use. With continued application, these skin savers can even transform your complexion for the long-term.

"Resurfacing is a term I use to describe products that address the visible imperfections that we all obsess about," says Skincare Expert and Brand Founder Jan Marini. "Resurfacing perfects the look of skin by giving it that airbrushed luminescent surface. On a deeper level, these topicals can boost collagen production, discourage the output of excess pigment and help the skin to repair damage and generally look and act much younger," adds Marini.

So get ready to glow, and read on as we round up the best options for rejuvenating your skin in time for spring's first crop of crocuses.

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